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You join chat rooms, you write poetry, you post Doogie Howser fanfic.

It's all normal, right?

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Community description:A collection of fanfiction from all fandoms!
Welcome to [community profile] fanfiction, the most fanfictiony community here at Dreamwidth. This community aims to bring together fanfiction of all types from across any and all fandoms!

General Rules

Keep a reasonable amount of time after episodes and movies before posting summaries outside of cuts!

Only completed stories will be allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience for those authors. Just think of it as more inspiration to finish. Heh. ;)

You are more than welcome to post fanficton located at other sites; it's not required for them to be on Dreamwidth.

If a header is used, please keep all images that could spoil someone under a cut. Also place the image under a cut if it is over 400 pixels wide and/or 200 pixels high.

Please follow the posting guidelines below, and all shall be awesomesauce!

Subject Line: Title, Fandom (Rating)

Pairing/Characters: if applicable
Warnings: if applicable
Word Count:
Etc.: if applicable

Link, or cut.


[community profile] drabbles
[community profile] fanmix

If you would like to affiliate, go ahead and PM me! ([personal profile] twofourteen) I am open to pretty much anything related to fanfiction, writing, or fandom!

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